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Laser Liposuction and Fat Grafting with Alma’s BeautiFill

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The BeautiFill Technology from Alma is an extremely popular and advanced Laser Liposuction Plus Fat Transfer System, which optimizes the process of contouring your body by combining the removal, cleansing, and transfer of fat in one quick, easy-to-undertake stage. Laser liposuction plus BeautiFill fat transfer is a highly advanced form of fat transfer surgery, which involves taking fat cells from one part of the body and using them to augment another. Unlike men and women who have noticed undesirable changes to their results with a traditional fat transfer procedure, patients undergoing laser liposuction with BeautiFill fat grafting are able to experience dependable, long-lasting results.

In addition, patients undergoing fat transfer procedures also benefit from the benefits of slimmer contours in areas that have had their fat cells removed. The removal, coupled with the gentle procedure for fat extraction through laser liposuction, allows almost all transferred fat cells to survive. Prior to the development of the High Fat Vitality Transfer offered via BeautiFill, fat cells were invariably damaged in the laborious process of extraction.

BeautiFill Laser Lipo and Fat Transfer is typically performed to eliminate stubborn fat cells from problem areas, and the harvested fat is used to replenish flat features. BeautiFill is an advanced body contouring treatment offering patients the ability to remove undesirable fat, cleanse harvested fat cells, and transfer fat into another area if desired, more effectively than ever using cutting-edge laser lipo and fat transfer technologies. The groundbreaking BeautiFill System from Alma optimizes the lipo + fat transfer process, removing fat cells, purifying them, and setting them up for transfer all in one quick step.

BeautiFill(tm) closed-loop fat technology integrates laser, suck, and treatment into a single, easy-to-follow step. Unlike conventional liposuction, which uses hand forces to dislodge fat cells, BeautiFill uses gentle laser energy to break down fat cells and facilitate removal. The biggest difference, though, between laser-assisted liposuction with BeautiFill and traditional liposuction is the ability to re-use the removed fat to regain balance in other areas of the body.

For one thing, the cutting-edge BeautiFill lipo is laser assisted — making the process of fat removal quicker and more gentle on your body — meaning less discomfort, less side effects, and less recovery time. BeautiFill(r) is a laser liposuction procedure using laser energy to break up body fat in problem areas like your stomach, hips, and thighs. Traditional liposuction requires long recovery times because of the large cannulas and physical manipulations used in the process of fat removal.

While there can be the potential for temporary tightening of skin with laser lipo, the primary difference between laser lipo and conventional liposuction is an all-in-one technique that collects and cleans the fat, leaving behind only the healthiest, most viable fat cells to be transferred. The heat BeautiFill uses to melt the fat also provides benefits to skin tightening, increasing elasticity in skin, reducing the appearance of dimples or sagging. The BeautiFill system incorporates a novel process, which simultaneously uses the laser to decompose the fat, and a gentle extraction method to quickly recycle its fat.

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